Thursday, April 19, 2012

1972 BMW 2002

Step 1:  Wash car and take pictures before it dries.

Step 2:  Remove gas 'stuff', this all came out on a Sunday 
including the engine.  

I drove the car on gas-power for about half a year.  It didn't come with seats so I temporarily transplanted the ones from my '99 Accord into it.  They worked (including rigged up electronic adjustment), but were not ideal.  The car was awesome but smelly.  The emission controls had long been removed and I think the gas tank ventilation system was broke - it always smelled like gas.  And smellin' like raw gas.  But I worked the brakes out and replaced a bent rim, so not to have to mess with later.


  1. It must be satisfying to remove all that gas stuff--mufflers, tanks, etc.

  2. Most of all the gas tank. The evaporative controls were missing and the trunk always smelled like gas.