Sunday, September 9, 2012

battery disconnect switch / fans / contactor

Step 10:  Install battery disconnect switch.  For this I'm using a huge breaker installed in the gas filler.  It can be manually tripped by a power-take-off cable from the driver's seat.  It is a standard with conversions to have a battery disconnect switch where the gas filler was for easy location by emergency crew.  Typically I think this is just a kill-switch to the main contactor triggered by the gas filler flap and doubles up with a feature to prevent driving off while connected to a charger which is also commonly through the gas filler.  It was a good spot for the breaker anyway.

Step 11:  Wire up motor fan and condenser fan to switches in the dash.  Something was wrong with the bearings in the condenser fan that came with the car, it didn't spin freely and it pulled excessive current.  So I replaced it with an after-market fan that works great and only draws 4 amps. The 3rd switch is wired into the throttle circuit and will be used to make the motor idle when stopped for the air conditioning compressor to function.

Step 12:  Install main contactor.  This is a high power relay that will connect the battery to the motor controller.  No picture for this but it sits in the engine bay and is wired to close with the key switch.  You may hear it click in the video. 

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