Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Step 35:  Make heat.  A space heater and a 12V fan can deliver.  The heating element of a space heater will run off the direct current, it plugs into an extension cord under the backseat.  The extension cord comes from an Edison fuse on the battery posts of the motor controller in the trunk.  By tapping off the motor controller we can leverage the existing power relay that feeds the motor controller.  The heater will only work when the key is in the on position.

The fan of a space heater requires alternating current so I removed it to improve air flow.  Then I cut the back out of the space heater and mounted the 12V fan, face removed.  It plugs into the cigarette lighter.

The unit tucks under the dash or can sit on the passenger floor.  I get 500W of heat on low and 900W on high.  If 900W is not enough I will shorten the heating element to reduce its resistance, this will increase power.  The element can support 1500W.

It will have to get cold again before I can test it.  In the summer it will be stored in the trunk.  


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