Saturday, August 31, 2013


Step 24: Charge batteries. The cells came around half full and I've driven some laps in the neighborhood. This charger, along with my motor controller, are from a 1981 Jet Electra. The charger is dual output, charging the 12V battery while powering the BMS. The BMS turns the charger off when the battery is full using a relay.  This charger could be put in the trunk and used at charging stations around town with the help of an adapter.  But the charge voltage profile combined with the number of cells I chose only allows for a trickle charge, a C/20 rate. Saving 20% capacity for long life a full charge will take 14 and a half hours. I don't expect to use a full charge everyday. 

I put the charger outlet behind the drivers front wheel, with a fuse at the battery. The location was partially chosen based on body damage in the vicinity.  Creepage and clearance was gained in the 7-pin connector by leaving an empty pin next to the high voltage pins.

After what seemed like forever she reached full charge. The BMS terminated the charge.

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