Saturday, August 24, 2013

wire batteries up

Step 22:  Wire batteries up.  These being expensive batteries I want to make sure they are protected from damage.  A battery management system (BMS) is employed.  A gracious EV-cohort donated an Elithion BMS needing only minimal additional components.  This BMS monitors voltage and temperature and disables the drive if a cell is in danger of being damaged.  It does the same during charge.  This BMS uses a small circuit board that attaches to each cell, these are daisy chained together and relay data to the BMS controller.  I've installed the BMS controller tucked up under the dash.  I will be able to view the status of the battery pack with my iPhone and a rs232 dongle.

front bank

rear bank, tucked into the back of the
trunk for good weight distribution

BMS controller, rat nests allowed

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