Monday, September 23, 2013

get legal

Step 27:  Get legal.  I got an inspection on my lunch break.  So there you go, it takes 27 steps to convert a BMW 2002 to electric drive.  

I believe step 8 can be skipped.  A 9" motor is so huge for this little car I do not think it will need a fan.  Driving around it's apparent that the motor controller is the weak point heat-wise, and it has a fan and heat sink (step 25).

I also would skip step 13.  The ammeters chosen were of poor quality and do not work correctly.  I do not think you need to be looking at a gauge anyway.  As a driver you can tell when you're sacking the battery and when you're not.  

I drove it to work and lunch then to an Irish session in the evening, 42 miles total!  It then took (very roughly, to be refined) 137Ah to reach full charge.  Saving 20% capacity for long life this means my range driving like an excited kid is about 45 miles.  Half of that was flying down highways.  I suspect keeping under 45mph would greatly increase the range. 

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