Saturday, September 28, 2013


Step 29:  Monitor battery.  Add instrumentation to monitor battery.

I wired a plug-in clock to the BMS controlled charging relay (DPDT).  I set the clock at noon and start the charge.  The duration of the battery charge is recorded when the clock stops.  My charge is constant current so I can then calculate amp hours consumed since the last charge.  

The 12V output in the old charger is broken, I've replaced it with another 12V charger.

old school

I can communicate with the BMS using a terminal app on my iPhone.  The terminal app is what logged the run around the block in step 28.  If the BMS has a fault this is how I read it.

new school

The old school is producing a number around 315Wh/mile.  The new school 290Wh/mile.  I have more trust in the old school at this point.  While driving the new school appears to blank out under high current getting stuck for periods at 0A or 497A.  I need to rewire the current sensor using shielded cable.

new school current sensor

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